Health Advocacy Guide for CASA Volunteers & Staff

The advocacy of CASA volunteers is vital to promoting the well-being and health of children and youth in foster care. With this guide, Texas CASA wants to ensure that volunteers have the most up-to-date resources and information in order to advocate for the best possible medical and mental healthcare for the children they serve.

With a full understanding of the mental and physical health services offered through STAR Health, the Medicaid program that covers almost all children and youth in foster care, CASA volunteers are better positioned to make recommendations related to a child’s best interests. This knowledge will help you to make sure the young people you advocate for are getting what they need and deserve, from check-ups to dental care to counseling.

You can download and print your own copy for free or order copies through the Texas CASA Mimeo Marketplace.

Additionally, Texas CASA presented a webinar covering the guidebook and more information on the services STAR Health provides to help volunteers and staff can gain a better understanding on how they can support child health in their advocacy.

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