Volunteer Coaching Advocacy: Best Practices for Testifying in Court

This course discusses best practices when testifying in court, and legal rights and responsibilities for individuals involved in the case.  Learners only need to complete the first chapter to complete the course.

The first chapter of this course alternates between best practices and a filmed mock trial used to demonstrate what may happen in court, as well as discussion and reflection questions.  The second chapter of the course is the mock trial video in its entirety, and can be used for training purposes by program staff.

The video portrays a termination hearing where the CASA Advocate and CASA Coordinator are examined by the attorneys representing the parties. This mock trial is intended to provide a visual experience of trial centered around CASA’s testimony. Courtroom procedures and verbiage in the video are examples and not to be considered standard for every jurisdiction. A termination hearing was used in order to encompass multiple learning objectives.  Termination of parental rights is the last resort in CPS cases and should only be recommended after all efforts for reunification have been made.

The mock trial video used in this course was written and directed by Texas CASA. Names, characters, and case specifics are the products of the script writers’ imagination and are used fictitiously.

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