Harris Price Case: Journey Through The Texas Child Welfare System

The Harris Price case study video is broken into 6 chapters and aims to further understanding of hearings involved in a Temporary Managing Conservatorship case, the permanency issues related to three children of different ages and needs, and a CASA volunteer’s role. Strongly recommended for Pre-Service Training.

The Children’s Commission used the Texas CASA Harris Price case study video in the development and recent release of Trial Skills Training for attorneys who serve children in foster care. Texas CASA encourages programs to use these training documents and information along with the Harris Price case video in Pre-service training. The information in the Trial Skills Training and the Harris Price videos will give CASA volunteers an opportunity to experience a case from removal to Merits hearing.

The resources are listed in order of their suggested review.

Ex Parte


Adversary Hearing


Status Hearing


Initial Permanency Hearing


Secondary Permanency Hearing


Metis Hearing

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